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The editors of 9/11 Truth News are pleased to present 911truthnews.com. 9/11 Truth News is intended to be an accessible and factually oriented first reference for those curious about 9/11 truth. Our movement must serve its audience and this site was created for that purpose.


Join us in action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice!



video by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

Truth Revolution

Manny Badillo at the September 11 2010 Memorial Ceremony

The 911 on 9/11 Campaign

Step up to Ottawa Truth Action's challenge!

The ninth anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attacks is nearly upon us. It's safe to assume that a huge number of truth activists will be in NYC for the 10th anniversary, so let's make the ninth anniversary a big one in our home communities.

Truth Action Ottawa is producing nine hundred and eleven fliers and DVDs to hand out to members of our community on 9/11. We're issuing the challenge to all our fellow truth groups in every community across the globe to do likewise.

Billboard Outreach

San Luis Obispo, California

Truth Action in Malmö Sweden

Eleventh of the Month street outreach in Malmö, Sweden.

"We had a wonderful action yesterday. A car full of truthers from Denmark joined the Swedish truth groups in Malmø - It was such a great day - meeting the other groups and exchanging information and getting inspired by the great work they do in Sweden!"

"The best of all Scandinavian truthers gathered in Malmö, Sweden."

Actions of July 11

Truth Action in New Zealand

Eleventh of the Month street outreach in Wellington, New Zealand.

July 10, 2010 Wellington civil information actions for 9/11 truth and justice took place this month at Cuba Mall in Wellington's shopping district on a busy Saturday afternoon. After a week of southerly storms, the weather turned out to be just fine, sunny and no wind. This was one of our most successful actions yet with 6 of us giving away hundreds of Blue Print for Truth 2008 DVDs and flyers. We were there from 1.00 - 3.00 pm. We all had lots of interesting conversations and on the whole people were receptive and open to learning more about 9/11 and the scientific evidence.

We were helped by Mike's wonderful banner and posters which we were able to display to great advantage and our ae911truth banner. Quite a few people commented that they had already received a DVD from us so we felt heartened by our previous work (we have been doing truth action in Wellington every month for over 2 years now).There seems to be a good awareness of 9/11 truth in Wellington NZ! Thanks again to all who contributed and support truth action.

Protesting Condi

Jon Gold Interviews Cosmos at Ground Zero

Canada Demands 9/11 Truth

A beautiful recap of some of the truth actions all across Canada.

We Are Change Atlanta and Pink Elephant Collective

Freeway Blogging Friday

SF Truth Action and We Are Change Bay Area

Video by Nate Schoman

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