Talking with Robin Hordon and Wayne Prante about Civil Informationing

Tips from a Marketing Professional for 9/11 Truth Activists

Amy Goodman: "We need a complete investigation"

A few weeks ago we visited Amy Goodman at her no-Q & A book signing in San Francisco. She tried the "sorry, I've gotta run" thing but we weren't having it. When Joe asked her what was it about building 7 that deserved more investigation, she said "everything" and then "We need a complete investigation into what actually took place". When I asked her if she'd be willing to talk to someone from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, she said she'd "like to find out more". Will she devote any of her considerable resources to pushing for a complete investigation or finding out more?


Cosmos and co-host John Bursill announce the formation of Truth Action Australia (founding patrons Yukihisa Fujita and Bob Bowman) and present the newly minted mission statement and guiding principles for truth activism. We talk to activists from Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Perth including Kevin Bracken who recently led a resolution in support of a independent 9/11 investigation to be unanimously passed by the Maritime Union of Victoria and Dr. Frank Legge of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice who addressed the Sydney Truth Now Tour and gets out on the street on every Eleventh. Also: Chihaya sings a song!

We Are Change UK: Phil Hayton and WTC 7

Members of We Are Change UK interview ex BBC World presenter, Phil Hayton.

March on Ottawa 9-11-2008

West Coast Convergence in San Francisco May 10 + 11

Millions of people around the world question the US Government's account of the event that "changed everything" and provided a permanent excuse for a global terror war and the destruction of our freedoms. Our voices are silenced by the established antiwar organizations and and even the so-called alternative media but we will be silenced no more. Join concerned citizens from Vancouver to San Diego as we converge in San Francisco for two days of action that are bound to make history!

Flyer 1 PDF | Flyer 2 PDF | Convergence discussion

Video from California Convergence in San Diego February 2008:

Dan Rather Reneges On WTC 7 Comments

NDP's Jack Layton dismisses "historical analysis of 9/11"

Questioned by members of Montreal 9/11 Truth, Jack Layton says historical analysis of 9/11 is unimportant to NDP policy.

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