Google 9/11 Truth?

At one time, going out with a sign that simply read "Google 9/11 Truth" seemed like a good idea. Today that's not the case and if you google "9/11 Truth" right now you'll see what I mean. The first hit that comes up is a Screw Loose Change site, the second hit is a site that promotes a mixed bag of debunked theories and vicious attacks on serious researchers, the third and fourth hits go to wikipedia's crappy 9/11 truth pages. So if someone actually remembers to follow your suggestion once they get home, they will most likely be led to a FOX-worthy attack site before finding any solid information.

Take care with the message you present to the public!

Here's how we can get the phrase back

While we can't remove the Screw Loose Change entry, we can certainly remove it from the top spot. It's called Google bombing. The more people that join in, the faster we'll get this done.

Here's how:

1) If you have a website, add this link to one of your pages:
<a href="">9/11 Truth</a>

2) Or if you post on message boards, blogs, myspace, etc. use the phrase 9/11 Truth with a link to your favorite site, such as

YT, you can also make a few simple changes to your main page which will help immensely. In the HTML code on your main page, change the TITLE from this:
to this:
<title>9/11 Truth Action</title>
...or something similiar. Use lots of good keywords.

Next, rename the main logo file from logo.jpg to something with a keyword or two -- anything more descriptive than just "logo"

Also be sure to add two more lines of code within the head section to the main page. It will help get this website found by more people:

<meta name="description" content="Put a two sentence description here">
<meta name="keywords" content="lots of keywords here">

"Google 9/11 Truth" is a simple and powerful phrase that is definitely worth salvaging.


These are good suggestions for everyday search engine optimization but I don't know if they can salvage the situation with Google. Aside from what is going on currently with their stats I feel pretty strongly that we shouldn't be depending on a corporation to get important information across, especially when they are as untrustworthy as Google has proven itself to be. But thanks for the tips, much appreciated.

We're winning the phrase back!

Go ahead and Google the phrase 9/11 truth. SLC is not first anymore.

Please continue to take the steps outlined in my earlier post so that we take complete ownership of the phrase.

Thanks to all who assist...and YT, keep up the great work you are doing.