Marines For 9/11 Truth

9/11 Truthers,

First off, thank you all, for what I learned of each person's bold responsibilities they have taken for this movement. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone.

May 11th was a great beginning for me, and I look forward to much more. It was great to experience a team that held my back while service member after service member tried their best to attack us. Each person who approached with negativity was ushered away by facts, and personal responsibilities. I've never actually been so proud of a group of people I had never met. I purposely pushed the envelope by wearing my uniform, knowing that I was still under contract of the Marine Corps' IRR. But it was a statement that had to be made, and I look forward to making it again.

Something that I wanted you all to know is the reactions I recieved from every astonished service member after they calmed down. The first person to walk up and tell me this movement would leave a black mark on my life, later admitted that he agreed with more of our beliefs than he could admit. (Air Force Officer) The second Marine simply told me "you can't do this yet." ...yet. The third Marine took my number and later called me with two other Marine Corps Officers to inform me that I was facing a dishonorable discharge, but also saying that I was an outstanding individual and more people needed to voice their opinions to stop this war. The fourth Lt. Col. actually gave me ideas to continue this march after three 9/11Truthers jumped down his throat in protection of our 1st Amendment.

Everyone did an outstanding job! Thank you very much.

I'll see you all soon,
Johnny Wave

Johnny Wave and Richard Gage on Truth Revolution Radio May 14 2007
Johnny Wave and Andrew on Truth Revolution Radio May 18 2007

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Having served 4 years active duty from 2003-2007 in the Marine Corp and currently serving the rest of my 8 year contract in the inactive ready reserve I'm shocked at how suprised other 9-11 truthers are to see USMC Iraq and Afghanistan veterans join their ranks wielding swords of truth in this battle for our republic.

After raising my right hand and taking an oath to defend the constitution of the United States how can I turn my back on my country now at such a critical time? I've been sent to Afghanistan in search of enemies foreign, only to return home and locate some enemys domestic.

In a despicable attempt to paralyze the nation with fear in order to advance their one world government it's now obvious that the globalists plan has backfired on them. There has been and continues to be a mass awakening among the people, the enemy's propaganda machine has been decapitated by dedicated patriots in the trenches of the infowar, and the real terrorists tactic of divide and conquer has been shattered by scholars, firefighters, celebrities, survivors and victims families of 9-11, and citizens of all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds coming together and combining their efforts to expose the true culprits of the 9-11 total inside job.

The new world order will be defeated. God bless America.