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Truth Revolution Radio February 23 2008 mp3
Interview with 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine

Truth Revolution Radio February 9 2008 mp3
An activist roundtable on the eve of the California Convergence in San Diego with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, Abby and David from San Diego 9/11 Truth and Bruno, Katy and Jeremy from We Are Change LA.

Truth Revolution Radio February 2 2008 mp3
Bruno, Katy and Jeremy from We Are Change LA talk about recent actions and the upcoming California Convergence in San Diego. Jon Gold reports on a special event with 9/11 family members and John Bursill of Sydney Truth Action to talk about the upcoming Australian conference.

Truth Revolution Radio January 19 2008 mp3
Focusing on the international Actions of January 11 featuring activists from Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Oakland, Calgary and more.

Truth Revolution Radio January 5 2008 mp3
Deconstructing the No Planes TV Fakery disinformation campaign with guests Anthony Lawson and Jim Hoffman. September Clues debunked - Full spectrum dominance disinfo - No planers with fake accents - and more!
Truth Revolution Radio October 15 2007 mp3
Researcher Jim Hoffman was the guest on the the October 15 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. Jim is the creator of the sites, and We had a wide-ranging discussion that covered Jim's first involvement with 9/11 research and moved on to the topic of disinformation and disruption in the movement, including an expose of the attacks on Arabesque has provided a transcript of the broadcast available here.

Truth Revolution Radio October 1 2007 mp3
Janice Matthews of was the guest on the October 1 edition of Truth Revolution Radio and we talked about the history of that organization and of truth activism in general, being blacklisted on Google and the future of our pursuit of justice.

Truth Revolution Radio September 26 2007 mp3
Activist and former FAA Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon was the guest on the September 26 edition of Truth Revolution Radio and we talked about 9/11 from his perspective as an ATC and his views on the truth and peace movements based on four decades of experience with activism.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 20 mp3
Dave Duguay from Vancouver 9/11 Truth is the guest and we talk with Luke Rudkowski and Dave Short.

Truth Revolution Radio Friday August 17 mp3
Once more broadcasting live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep, kdub co-hosts the final show of the week and we hear August 11 action reports from Art V and Jeremy who calls in from the William Rodriguez event in Los Angeles. By the end of the show there is a 9/11 Truth Now sign hanging on Nancy Pelosi's front door.

Truth Revolution Radio Wednesday August 15 mp3
Live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep - I start expressing my exasperation with the movement at large pretty early into the show, Mike Knarr from We Are Change calls in with a great idea and exciting news about NYC 9/11/2007, we hear from Crystal in Massachusetts, Jim in Washington, David in Chicago and interview Paul Kangas from Veterans For Peace. We learn that a lot anti-war activists are 9/11 truthers but they keep in the closet.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 13 mp3
Live from outside Feinstein's mansion - we talk to Toby from Code Pink, Luke from We Are Change with breaking news of the latest confrontation with Ghouliani and August 11 action reports with Abel from Louisville Truth, Chris in NJ and CV in Maryland. Second half of the show powered by Veterans For Peace!

Truth Revolution Radio August 10 2007 MP3
Off the hook on the eve of the Eleventh, talking to Adam in NH, Brenda in Ohio, Mike Knarr from We Are Change, David from the Lone Lantern Society, Michelle from Austin 9/11 Truth Now and Jessica from Houston Truth.

Truth Revolution Radio August 8 2007 MP3
CV is the co-host and we talk to Kevin Smith.

Truth Revolution Radio August 3 2007 MP3
Jessica and Ross from Houston Truth, Luke from We Are Change, Drew from Tucson Truth and Matt from Project for A New American Citizen

Truth Revolution Radio August 1 2007 MP3
Max and Julian from

Truth Revolution Radio July 30 2007 MP3
Las Vegas meetup
urnotfree on myspace

Nick and Kyle from urnotfree were the guests on Monday night's edition of TRR. Topics include guerrilla street art for 9/11 truth, doing street actions on the Strip in Vegas and the upcoming General Strike on September 11. We talk to Chris (CV) from and Luke Rudkowski calls in with breaking news of a confrontation with Nancy Pelosi.

Truth Revolution Radio July 23 2007 MP3
Jeremy aka Shumonik from LA Truth

Truth Revolution Radio July 20 2007 MP3
Abby Martin and Peter Holmes from the San Diego Meetup

Truth Revolution Radio July 18 2007 MP3
Rachel Logan from Central Florida Truth Action

Truth Revolution Radio July 16 2007 MP3