Barcelona Truth Action

Report in spanish here

First of all, much respect to all groups taking part, you are a true inspiration!

Ok, here's our report from Barcelona, Spain:

We were 4 dedicated soldiers, armed with about 500 flyers, DVDs, and what is turning out our best weapon: an information panel that you can see (overburned by the sun) below.

Our strategy is simple: find a very crowded walking-only area, with enough space not to get harassed by police, and set up the panel. Immediately we see people congregating around it and studying the information in it with great interest.

We had so many discussions I couldn't even remember how many. All were positive and civilized. SO many already know what's going on up to a level, and this is ideal to get it into public discussion, which happened right there and then, between us and the public, and (most importantly) among the public itself.

We would like to suggest the use of information panels that stand up on their own, it really catches up the attention of the public, and gives them an opportunity to study it themselves, and not listen to us if they don't feel like it. Remember this is a very delicate psychological moment for people that are first being exposed to this information. Respect is a MUST.

That's it from us, keep doing what you do, you are the true heroes of our time!