I concentrated on taking footage that will show really how many people were on the streets with us...local media from independent sources were there to report on being Cal State University Northridge and the other an up and coming website ANCIENTUNIVERSITY.ORG...a reporter from KTLA or KCAL did come out and shoot video of Johnny Wave but of course it did not end up on the news last night

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Scenes from NYC

9/11 Truth Now on the News Corporation screen at Times Square


Zogby poll: Majority want Cheney investigated for 9/11

Zogby International

51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush and Cheney Regarding 9/11 Attacks
67% fault 9/11 Commission for not investigating anomalous collapse of World Trade Center 7

9/11 family member and advisor Donna Marsh O'Connor notes, "I’m not sure this poll is at all surprising. Over half of those polled want more answers from Congress, from those they hired to represent them. One quarter of the country knows enough to want to impeach both. Doesn't it just mean people need figures they consider credible to tell them whether key details add up or not? Truth advocates need to press their case in Congress, on college campuses, in church groups with reason and absolute discipline regarding what can and cannot be proven. The strongest evidence needs to reach the people—including people who hate computers. We must present it calmly. Like whispering so that people reach in to hear."

Michael Wolsey and Col. Jenny Sparks on Truth Revolution Radio

Michael Wolsey of was the guest on the Sept. 3 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We discussed his work as a truth activist and radio host, with a special focus on his series on cointelpro. We are also joined by investigative activist Col. Jenny Sparks and discuss a bit of the controversy behind The Kennebunkport Warning. Bruce Marshall joins the show during the last segment to discuss his role in promoting The Warning.


TRR Archive

Fort Worth 911 Truth Inside the Texas GOP Straw Poll

News article by Tony Morgon, 9/11 Truth Activist from who penetrated the Texas GOP Straw Poll to bring out pics and accurate information about the dominance of Ron Paul to include a bump into Ron Paul himself on the convention floor.

Full Story

Ron Paul Signs The Constitution for a Child

The Supporters of Other Candidates Looked Lame

Full Story

We Are Change London hit the Notting Hill Carnival

Here's the London We Are Change team at Notting Hill Carnival, the world's second largest carnival.

The Kennebunkport Warning Hoax

Is the Kennebunkport Warning a hoax? Seems like it.

The Investigation
The Article by Arabesque

9/11 Mysteries with Spanish Subtitles


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Bush in Seattle!

WACS greets the illegitimate president on his way to the Bellevue Hyatt hotel. Many people from the NW including members from Portland 9/11 Truth came out to show their true feelings towards Bush. Eric B. video tapes, while John Karlo bullhorns, and leads a chant with "9/11 was an inside job".

R.I.P. Aaron Russo

Minnesota CHANGE Talks to Al Franken

Open Letter from Donna Marsh O'Connor

This September 11 will be the sixth anniversary of the day I had my last chance to talk to my daughter, Vanessa Lang Langer. I was barely out of bed and conscious during the dwindling moments that would come to be the remaining time her blood coursed through her veins, her heart beat, she had her hands on her steering wheel as she parked her car in the garage on Washington Street, sat at her desk, thought about her brothers, her husband, her coming child. I did not know it would be the last opportunity, and in this post-traumatic world that I now occupy I know there are millions of people out there who know how intensified my grief gets with each passing year and with each new crime perpetrated by the Bush administration and the many in our government who enable them. I know, and there is some comfort in knowing, that many of you are just as outraged, just as traumatized by the failure to bring to light that what was done to my daughter in body, and to our country and, indeed, the world, in spirit and action was (in whole or in part) facilitated by factions in our own government. The most important thing then is be certain that as we ask for an investigation or for impeachment we are conscious that we are asking for what may constitute our only hope to get out of this alive.

We must be strategic. Not sentimental. Not stupid. Not so angry that we lose sight of this first truth - even 9/11 occurred in the "post 9/11 world". On that day when so many are thinking about their last opportune moments to connect to those they love, we need to give them the space (intellectual and emotional) to see with their own eyes how this land has fared, how our government has failed us as it grew its own power. Because the most important thing is not respect for the dead and for the grieving who on this day will have those events unfold for them moment by moment - the most important thing is to stop it from happening again. And continuing. So on that day and only on that day in the places where the mourners gather, I am asking all of you to pause.

Donna Marsh O'Connor
Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor

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