Talking with Robin Hordon and Wayne Prante about Civil Informationing

Tips from a Marketing Professional for 9/11 Truth Activists

Amy Goodman: "We need a complete investigation"

A few weeks ago we visited Amy Goodman at her no-Q & A book signing in San Francisco. She tried the "sorry, I've gotta run" thing but we weren't having it. When Joe asked her what was it about building 7 that deserved more investigation, she said "everything" and then "We need a complete investigation into what actually took place". When I asked her if she'd be willing to talk to someone from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, she said she'd "like to find out more". Will she devote any of her considerable resources to pushing for a complete investigation or finding out more?

Mother's Day

The Eleventh of May was also Mother's Day:

Abby of San Diego 9/11 Truth and with her mother and grandmother at the West Coast Convergence

First Eleventh of the Month Action in Newfoundland

Today, May 11th, members of Newfoundland Labrador 9/11 Truth hit the streets taking part in the International 9/11 Truth action day... despite being hit by snow, sleet and rain along the way. The journey started at a local NATO/UN war monument where we stood and held up signs to oncoming traffic. It wasn't long before we got a first honk of support, though most people just looked on in a seemingly state of confusion.

After about 10 minutes a group of young people, perhaps 20 of them all in their early teens, walked by and I approached them to have a conversation about the events of 9/11. This was the first highlight of the day, as they all seemed very interested in what we had to say and asked many questions before moving on to wherever they were going. Some of the people even brought up interesting truth facts about that day before I even had a chance to say anything ("The Bushes and Bin ladens are like this" one said as he crossed his fingers indicating that they were close), which of course was music to my ears. The more people awake in this generation of people, the better I say!

Unfortunately, it was here that the sleet and rain started... but, we pushed on to the next location.


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