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FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' 25

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:37 am    Post subject: FF News: 'The Omar Abdulla Show,' 25 Reply with quote

Episode 24-Season Three

Filmed September 30th

Duration-45 minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...Today is the l a s t episode of season three and season four will be shot in Canada, one of the biggest countries of the world...Today, we will be talking and sharing wedding ideas, party ideas, birthday party ideas and honeymoon ideas for our followers across the globe...In Studio, today we have wedding planner Azize Amore and Party Organizor Leandra Williams...We are located in Disneyworld here in Athens today...Let's get to it...Let's say that I am a father of a six year old, what would my p a r t y ideas be for this birthday party of my child...??

Azize Amore: They say that a journey of 8000 miles starts with a single step...Preparing your child's birthday is no easy-peasy task as you have to have the themes, styles, and decorations of a six year old...I would suggest that you normally pick a theme like Barbie Girl, or Hannah Montana for a girl whilst themes like Superman, Spiderman, Knight Rider or Batman for a boy...I would also suggest a pool-party, a picnic, or a braai meeting for your little one...Invite about 50-80 guests with all brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews invited...Remember that it's not your birthday so think like a child and give 'sweet-meat,' gifts as presents for the little brats to take home after the birthday party...Taking pictures or video's is a must...I remember when I turned six my father had invited all my friends from nursery for this fat 'little baby,' birthday...Remember that the greatest gift to a child is not a toy of their choice it's the love of both the parents...Be simple...Be smart...Be unique...

Omar Abdulla: If you were a fat baby when you were young, it looks as though you have got better and hotter each day, since then...Now, let's say that I am a hunky 24 year old and I have fallen 'head-over-heels,' with the woman of my dreams...Let's say I want to spend 5000 Euro's on the wedding reception...What would your ideas be on such an occasion...??

Azize Amore: You know Omar, that a wedding is the greatest memory to your future wife and you should plan the wedding together with a person like me...Remember that love has no boundaries and memories of yesterday will never be forgotton...Tell your loved one 'I love you,' everyday and if she does not know it...Planning a wedding should be about a month before the reception and the in colours are white, lime, pink, gold and red...Choose two colors and buy 'turtle doves,' to give away to your guests as a memory of the love that you shared...My father taught me that marriage is one brick if you were to complete a long lasting marriage...The wedding is for you and your partner and not the guests...Choose meals including steaks, chickens, pasta, rice, 'dreamy-salads,' and divine desserts...You cannot let your wife handle the wedding, play your part as well...Let her buy a sexy wedding dress from a boutique and you wear a sexy suit or an indian style kurta...Have a priest or Imaam at bay and have the witnesses as well...I told my boyfriend one day that I did not want a wedding I just wanted an Imaam with two witnesses and that would be my wedding because the greatest marriage is the marriage of hearts...!

Omar Abdulla: You seem to know alot about weddings Azize, now that the wedding is over, let's go off the subject a little for our audiences and talk about secrets to keep this 'PrinCe-Charming...'

Azize Amore: I don't want to steal the show as you have other guests to talk to on The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW as well...I am a woman and I hate to be compared, so to the men out there, if you marry, never compare your wife to another woman or ex-girlfriend...You are married, and so let it be...I would also say that share memories about the future, put a list of dreams that you both want to achieve on the fridge door so that it reminds you of the future...Work together with money, health, relationship and business goals together...Surprise your husband or wife with notes of love and 'writing is the best form of love,' so write to your love...Remember that timing is important in a marriage and don't tell your husband 'bad-news,' when you can see his mind is somewhere else...I could write a book about the tips on offer about marriages but you should remember that when you tuck yourself into bed, ALWAYS give a goodnight kiss to your wife and tell her how much you love her...Omar, remember that feelings take along time and one cannot forget yesterday as though it meant nothing...

Omar Abdulla: What if we already had this 500 guest wedding and the father, the mother and the in-laws were invited but I am this stubborn child with a new toy as a wife...I cannot handle it if she speaks to another boy and I am extremely possesive over my wife and I am over-secure about her...What would your advice be for a stubborn husband like me...?

Azize Amore: Omar, being stubborn and over-protective is one thing, but learn to trust...You had so many girlfriends who claimed to be your wife in name, where are they today...You married this woman, so let it be...Being stubborn and 'hit-by-cupid,' is one thing but remember that if you truly love someone the lightness of the heart cannot fade away no-matter how much you try to wash it...If you don't share the same dreams-meet halfway because marriage is about the two of you and as you stated in The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW a month ago it takes 30 years to build a marriage and a few seconds to throw it away...Remember that you should do little things, plan your childrens birthday's together, plan your mother's or father's birthday together...You can be the biggest, smartest, hunkiest or the richest in the world and your wife will ALWAYS support you....

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...I want to formally thank our viewers, guests, advertisers and fans throughout this season in Greece and hopefully I will be back to meet with many friends I have made here...Season F O U R will be filmed in Canada and Footprints Filmworks...During the break, I received an email from Fabio Voglio from Athens who asks the panel that he is planning his father's 81st birthday, what are some of the ideas the panel has...??

Leandra Williams: Since it is your fathers birthday, plan a surprize party for him, and hopefully he does not get a heart attack with surprize...Gather the guests from the community and prepare a speech for your father and if you can afford it, buy him a car, or a house as a birthday present...Remember to invite guests of the family and surround your daddy with love on his special day...When Nelson Mandela turned 93 in South Africa the world prayed for 67 minutes at 8:05 am...Do the same thing and remember to 'dance-with-your-father,' on this special day...Dance to the song by Luther Vandross "Dance with my father...'

Omar Abdulla: We have a l a s t email from Abdulla Al Hobb from Santos who says that what special 'date-ideas,' does the panel offer to someone who is planning his first date with 'his-date-with-fortune...'?

Leandra Williams: Dates and planning a date can be a fun thing and remember to hand a rose filled with red and white petals...Be sweet and dine with fine cuisine-usually prawns or steaks...Wear a funky suit and use frangrance that will bring her to your home...Preparing a date can be as easy as 1, 2, 3,or as difficult as X plus X...Remember that your date has a father and mother so don't treat her like you picked her up off the street...Women like to be spoilt like a princess or queen so pay attention to detail including dress gown, hair sexiness, lipstick color and tone of voice...Never be afraid to tell her how hot she looks and always have respect, trust and have a casual conversation...Complements always work...!

Omar Abdulla: Thank you to our guests...We will be taking a month off in October as I am returning to South Africa for the distribution of The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW on local South African television...Thank you Greece, and see you in November for SEASON F O U R filmed in Canada, by Footprints Filmworks...I will be a w a y for a month and you can send me an email to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for other topics we should discuss...Asalaam Alaikum!

Season Four Canada

Welcome to SEASON F O U R of The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW FILMED IN C A N A D A...This season is filmed from 1 November 2011-30 November 2011 and follows trends of Canadians across the globe...Canada is the world's second l a r g e s t country and has become an international fragrance to the world in the fields of s in business, media, entertainment, relationships, and new inventions...Be Prepared to be 'dazzed&amazed,' by Footprints Filmworks...Other seasons of The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW can be viewed by typing The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW in google or Footprints Filmworks...Footprints Filmworks currently owns 9600 websiteSouth Africa, and 300 000 European websites...Investors, businessmen, advertisers and media personalities are welcome to call our offices at (012) 3703469 or by emailing Omar Abdulla on [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ...

Footprints Filmworks welcomes advertisers across the globe on our websites, newspapers, television studio's and networks across the globe...We are currently producing two films-namely; 'My Father, The President,' and Footprints in South Africa in coming months and viewers can be tuned into this website 'everyday,' for your dessert in media...We welcome new thoughts, fans, ideas and 'marketing magic,' for us to be one of the superpower company's in the is becoming an international brand and we suggest that you sms, email, talk and let people know about our work that we do at Footprints Filmworks...


Episode-25-Season Four

Filmed 2 November 2011

Duration-45 Minutes

Omar Abdulla: Welcome to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW filmed in Canada here today...Brrr...It took a flight of 32 hours from South Africa to reach Canada which is the second largest country in world after the Soviet Union (Russia)...Canada has over 40 million people in areas Quebec, Ottawa, Vancouver, Otario and Montreal...The country is bound by the Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean and lies on the north of The United States...Our topic today is about the Inuit or Eskimo's of Canada and what the warm countries of India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and African countries learn from these Eskimo's located in Canada and Russia...In Studio today, we have local Greenland Eskimo Melissa Snow and Erica Gonzales to tell us more about their history...Our interview today is at the snow hotel here in Quebec-Hotel De Glace and hopefully we at Footprints Filmworks can build the amount of fans built up in SEASON ONE (South Africa,') Season TWO(India) and SEASON THREE (GREECE)...Let's get to it...What is the life of a normal Eskimo living in Canada?

Melissa Snow: Most Eskimo's are like you and me Omar although there is alot to learn from these native people...Many of them are red-Indians or Indians who eloped from India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia...They live in the coldest temperatures some of the temperatures below freezing...Their main transport tools are dog sleds and motor-vehiles...Many of their children attend primary and secondary school and account for almost 10 percent of the total Canadian population...Many of the Eskimo's are Roman Catholics or Protestants and believe that Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canda-infact the local government has instated the Queen as the mother of the nation...Eskimo's wear clothes created by sheep or snakes and live in huts on the outskirts of Canada...

Erica Gonzales: Yes, Omar-I'm sure you will build a following of Canadian people here in Canada as many Bollywood heartrobs are welcomed in Canada including Shar Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Celina Jaitley...Adding to Melissa's comments Eskimo's are well respected here in society and you can notice an Eskimo the way they dress, the way they talk, the way they eat and the way their children are brought up...Many Eskimo's eat raw meat or fish and some of them are well-educated attending the University of Ottawa, University of British Columbia, University of Vancouver and The University of Montreal...There is alot one can deduce about these people because some of them are constuction engineers, civil contractors, miners and fisherman...!

Omar Abdulla: What is the traditional life of an Eskimo in Canada and what can a person from South Africa 'give&take,' from these people...?

Erica Gonzales: Many of the speak fluent English and French and associate with people from the rural and urban areas...Many of the sizes of their igloos are the size of four soccer fields and some of them have three, four wives with more than twenty children...The Eskimo's believe that the father is the head of the home, whilst the wives form the gatherers of the home...Some Eskimo's are more advanced than the British or American citizens because of the way they lead their lives...Eskimo's who have three or four wives all live together called a longhouse where the families share meals together and play Basketball, Hockey, American Football and Tennis together...Traditions vary as many Eskimo's follow Jesus Christ and the teachings he brought down to Earth...Wealthy Eskimo's install special 'under-floor,' heating and warming fans in the homes to 'better- the- bittered- cold...'

Melissa Snow: Canadians welcome expats to the country as the country is noted as a first world country according to Forbes, Reuters, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times...Many Eskimo's teach their children about the importance of their history and the 'formal respect,' between father and mother...Many teenage Eskimo's marry at 19 and normally live with their parents for about four years so that the son's parents can teach the 'new-bride,' the family traditions...'

Omar Abdulla: Back in a moment...!

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Omar Abdulla: Welcome back to The 'Omar Abdulla,' SHOW produced by Footprints Filmworks...It is surely a wonder of the world this hotel here in Canada and the entire building is created out of ice, even the crockery....Anyways, let's get on with it....I received an email from Shania Kochac from Ottawa asking the panel what role do the Eskimo's play in the global spectrum of civilization...??

Erica Gonzales: Eskimo's are great inventors and have added value to civilization with the invention of the gas-heater, the sun-dial, the construction of many of Canadian homes and the invention of 'pop-night-clubs...' The world has a global population of 7 million Eskimo's and their family life is similiar to that of the Zulu's in South Africa...Many quotations have stood out that the Eskimo's have said including "The way to solve any problem is kill the snake at the head..." and "Love is like a fountain, ever-flowing, ever-growing, evergreen and eternal..." Many Eskimo's are native because they are in actual fact 'Hunter-gatherers,' where they eat raw meat of pigs, sheep, cows and goats...What can civilization learn is simple...Be who you are today, learn to appreciate every human being regardless of race and color and 'have the dreams of kings...'

Omar Abdulla: We have a l a s t email from Raj Pyaar from Vancouver who asks the panel what role have Eskimo's played in the evolution of humanity and what value have they added to society...?

Melissa Snow: Many great fashion trends have been learnt from Eskimo's including the Leopard Skin Coat, Snake Skin Boots, Fish Scale Lipstick and Lotions created from the musk of animals...We should remember that all people are different even Eskimo's that roam our ice-parks...We should draw 'straws-out-of-the-hats,' of Eskimo's by remembering what our fathers taught us about civilization...We should remember that an Eskimo is a person and feels the same emotions as 'you&me...' What value they have added...Many gangs called the C-gangs operate in Canada and several Eskimo's are united with the illumanti...Famous Celebrities including Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Michael J Fox and Sandra Bullock were brought up 'Eskimo Style...'

Omar Abdulla: Thanks to our guests...Tomorrow we will be sharing and talking about the Metropolitian, Rural, Urban and Village Life of Canadians....From me, Omar Abdulla and the rest of our team...Uvidimsja Rutoro...!



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